Weight Management

Food for life – lifestyle change and weight loss programmes


Phase 1: Hormone Balancing phase


Phase two: Kick Start Weight Loss
Phase 3: Sustaining weight loss and health enhancement.


Weight Management Nottingham

The Three Phase Plan includes:

  1. Full list of allowable food items and recipes for each phase
  2. A before and after symptom health questionnaire
  3. One to one  assessments and guidance over 3 to 6 sessions
  4. Exercise routines to enhance body shape and weight loss
  5. A body composition analysis at every session.

What is Body Composition Analysis?

The Body Composition Analysis is a highly accurate tool for measuring some key health risk factors. and includes:
Fat Mass: This measures how much fat you have and whether your levels are within the optimum range for good health.

Active Tissue Mass: This includes your lean muscle mass which should be significantly greater than your fat mass for good health.

Quality and quantity of cellular function, which helps the nutritonal therapist to assess your overall tissue health which gives an indication of your overall health.

Fluid levels are measured in terms of intra cellular fluid and extra cellular fluid, both of which help to indicate cellular function and hydration levels overall.

Choose a one off assessment or the full Food for Life 12 week programme.

The Food for Life programme includes a Body Composition Assessment at each visit because it allows the nutritional therapist and patient to see clearly what progress is being made to weight loss and the overall health risk markers.  This is a very motivating way of ensuring compliance with the programme.

The programme can be tailored to individual needs, from a one off assessment to a full service week by week programme that includes a Food for Life diet plan, a weekly supply of metabolic supplements that help to rebalance any underlying problems; a session with a recommended personal trainer, plus stress relieving techniques.  And together with  weekly support from the nutritional therapist can enable the patient to achieve their health or weight loss goals.

After following the Food For Life programme for 12 weeks, research has shown that all of the health risks, such as weight gain, cholesterol, cardio vascular risk were significantly lowered and health improved.