Fat Birds 5:2 Fasting Diet.try it and see

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I have been on BBC Radio Nottingham today, chatting to Fran Finn about the 5:2 diet.It’s principle is that you eat normally for five days ie 2000-2500 calories for five days and then you eat only 500 calories or 600 if you are male for two non-consecutive days. ¬†ShOuld you try it? Is it safe? Will it work? Well, based on what I understand and have experienced, I would say, yes, yes and yes.

Given that Dr Michael Moseley of Horizon Fasting fame, who became the human guinea pig for this diet, lost a lot of weight and improved some very important health markers. I would say it is really worth a try. The health markers are based on the Insulin like hormone growth factor IGF1 being reduced and therefore less likely to cause a proliferation of cells which can lead to the inflammatory cascade and in turn lead to disease states such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer, to name just a few.

The key, in my view, however, is to ensure that on your ‘fasting’ days you eat very healthily. This will not only mean you are less likely to feel totally ravenous throughout the day, but I think it is this that will be contributing to the improvement in health markers. When i say healthily, I mean, for example: first meal should be protein based eg scrambled eggs with tomatoes, then later, good quality protein like fish, cod, haddock, mackerel all of which are healthy and low calorie. But add about 5 portions of vegetables, especially green veg. On average, a portion of these equals only 15 calories per spoonful of veg though choose mainly leafy greens. So you can have loads, without exceeding your calorie quota of 500 for the day. Watch out for drinks though, as milk can add a further 20 cals per cup. Go for black coffee or herbal teas.

On the following four days, you can eat normally, then go for the 500 day again. This diet, is proving to be a winner, with many men, especially. Contact me if you would like a diet sheet. And good luck.

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