DNA Test for a healthier life.

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A DNA test can help to determine your future health and provide you with a permanent and personalised diet plan. Have you thought about getting a DNA test? At around £140 for a 23 and Me test, it can help to reveal so much more than just who your relatives are. With the right kind of analysis it can reveal what your predisposition might be towards several disease states such as Coeliac disease, Crohns and M.S. It might also reveal that you are not so good at metabolising certain key vitamins and minerals such as B12, Vitamin D and magnesium,  which can have such a profound effect on how you feel. There are certain mutations that can also give rise to a whole host of symptoms that for some reason you just can’t seem to resolve, such as fatigue and aches and pains. With the help of a Nutritional Therapist you can understand so much more about your Genetic Code and this can allow you to receive a diet and health plan that is personalised to your very specific needs.

The NHS approach to using a DNA test.

A DNA test is now one of the most powerful tools that a healthcare professional can use to help personalise your treatment. Although the NHS is permanently strapped for cash, one of the most cost effective routes they can and ultimately will take is to do a DNA test as a matter of routine investigation. No only it will it reveal your unique metabolic code which helps me as a Therapist allowing me to personalise your diet according to your predisposing responses to food groups and nutrients, but it will allow GP’s, nurses and Consultants to target your medical treatment and drug protocols to meet your specific genetic needs. This will save time and ultimately money.

There is such a huge benefit to all form completing a DNA test.

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