How To Maintain A Healthy Gut

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If you’ve been to see a Nottingham IBS specialist in the last couple of weeks, you’re sure to want to know how best to maintain a healthy gut. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep your stomach in good working order for as long as you can. It is wise to see a nutritional therapist who can assess symptoms to determine the best course of action for helping to alleviate and reverse IBS, because there are many reasons and root causes of the condition.

Avoid stress

Having high stress levels will not benefit your digestive health so if you are experiencing a lot of stress at the moment, make time each day to relax. What about doing yoga or having a weekly massage so you can take time out to focus on yourself on a regular basis?

Take your time

When eating, don’t wolf your food down. You need to make sure that you chew your food properly, which is excellent for your gut. Eating little and often is also advisable – graze, rather than gorge.

Eat fibre

Having a diet that is high in fibre can really help control your symptoms of IBS but you need to introduce this to your diet gradually if your intake hasn’t been as high as it could perhaps have been. Be aware however that fibre is not guaranteed to relieve your symptoms.


Limit your intake of fizzy drinks which will do your tummy no good whatsoever, but make sure that you drink a lot of fluids. Water is the best option and you should drink between six and eight glasses a day.


If you want to improve your overall health, head to the gym or increase the amount you walk. It’s easy to start getting more exercise – instead of getting the bus to work, why don’t you start walking some or all of the way?

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