Low carbohydrate High Protein Diets

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Heather Mountney Jan 2012

Proteins are converted into Amino Acids as part of the digestive process. Amino acids are the building blocks to all enzymes, most hormones and are needed by every cell, muscle and tissue within the body.
There are eight Essential Amino Acids (have to be provided from food sources) and 23 amino acids that are converted within the body, through digestive processes. This means that about 20% of amino acids must come from our diet and the remaining 80% are converted within the liver.
It is quite common to be deficient in some amino acids. This can be due to digestive problems or stress, food and drink choices, and organ dysfunction. For example, allergies can suggest a shortage of histidine, mood and sleep problems can suggest a deficiency of tryptophan and or phenylanine.
The branch chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine are especially important for alcoholics and athletes as they help with wound healing, muscle mass and liver support.
Why is milk a problem?

Main protein in milk is casein. Different structures of casein. Contains two types but one called A1 beta casein, acts like morphine and can make you very drugged, tired, distracted and constipated. Most of the cows we use for milk ie Jersey’s produce A1. Buffalo and goats do not, so whilst they contain lactose they maybe tolerated by some.
Big milk machine cows produce more A1 and are therefore more profitable. This kind of cows milk is often mixed with many other cows milk and so can contain many immunoglobulins, which stress the body and cause an auto-immune response. Glucogen, which is responsible for getting sugar into the blood, is released when you are hungry, but can be broken down by another factor in milk called DPPIV, which therefore leaves an abundance of A1 casein in the blood stream causing drowsiness.Can use goats milk contains less casein A1.
Additionally, milk contains IGF1 growth factors which can feed tumours in cancer sufferers and definitely doesn’t help if you have Insulin Resistance, because milk raises blood sugar.
Hard and soft cheese contains a lot of casein. Old cheese can cause a problem as it produces a certain type of protein and raises histamine so feels like a reaction.Whey protein contains casein, but egg protein is better immunologically.
When using protein shakes maybe better to use egg protein, if sensitivity to casein.

Low Carbohydrate High protein diet and milk avoidance

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