4 Million Brits ‘Now Have Diabetes’

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You might like to seek out advice from a Nottingham nutritional therapist if you’re keen to make dietary changes this year to protect yourself from diabetes, especially given the fact that the number of people with the disease has now reached more than four million.

Figures from Diabetes UK show that there are now 4.05 million people with diabetes in the UK, while it’s also thought that there are 549,000 who are currently living with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes.

Currently, over 24,000 people with diabetes die each year because just 60 per cent of those with the condition get the eight recommended checks to identify problems early on, because hospital care for those with diabetes is consistently poor and because education courses are not available to people in more than one-third of regions in England.

“We also need a concerted effort led by the government to take active steps to address the fact that almost two in every three people in the UK are overweight or obese and are therefore at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes. Basic measures such as making healthy food cheaper and more accessible, introducing clearer food labelling and making it easier for people to build physical activity into their daily lives would have a profound influence,” chief executive of the charity Chris Askew said.

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