The Consultation

Nutritionist NottinghamWhat can you expect from your first consultation?

Before you come to the consultation you will have either had a chat /email with Heather about what to expect.  So before you arrive at the consultation you will have been asked to complete some documents. These will include a Medical Overview questionnaire and 3 day food diary.  You may also have been asked to complete a comprehensive symptoms Q and A.  Both of these documents need to be returned to Heather prior to the consultation so that she can do a thorough analysis of your situation before you come for your consultation with her.

The actual consultation takes about one hour and will involve Heather asking lots of questions to help her assess what may be the underlying causes of your symptoms. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Heather uses a science based approach to assessing underlying causes of illness.

If you choose to you can have a body composition analysis. The Body Composition Analysis is a great starting point for both client and nutritional therapist, because it provides information about fat/muscle ratios, cell function and hydration levels, all of which are helpful markers for weight management.

You can choose whether to have the Body Composition Analysis or not and the overall fee is reduced accordingly.

If your symptoms are more complex and detailed Heather may recommend diagnostic testing, such as a stool analysis, typically used for complex digestive health conditions, or mineral analyses or chronic fatigue assessments to help ascertain metabolic function.  She will discuss these with you  in detail as there is an additional charge for each test.

During the consultation Heather will provide feedback on your symptoms analysis and she  will devise a diet and wellbeing plan for you to trial, so that you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to allow you to achieve your goal.