Govt Announces Sugar Tax On Soft Drinks

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Lots of people who have struggled with weight management over the years may partially blame soft drinks for their problems. However, this could be a thing of the past, as the government has just announced a tax on sugary drinks.

Earlier this month (March 16th), Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne made a bold move in his Budget for 2016 by introducing a new levy against the soft drinks industry in an attempt to reduce the number of children who suffer from obesity.

By taxing big manufacturers, the government hopes they will eventually reduce the amount of sugar they put in their products.

“Sugar consumption is a major factor in childhood obesity, and sugar-sweetened soft drinks are now the single biggest source of dietary sugar for children and teenagers,” the Budget report said.

It noted that a can of cola typically has more than the recommended daily intake of sugar for a child.

According to the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), in 2014-15, 19.1 per cent of children aged 10-11 were obese and 14.2 per cent were overweight. These figures show one-third of children in Year 6 were overweight or obese.

As well as hoping to reduce the sugar in soft drinks in the long-term, the government expects to raise £520 million from this tax in the first year alone.

The good thing is that this will be put back into children, as it will spent on doubling PE resources to encourage youngsters to be active, funding breakfast clubs so they have a healthy start to the day, and it will go towards its plans to extend the school day.

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