You are Unique and so should be your diet plan.

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Heather Mountney talks detoxing with a diet plan from Notts TV on Vimeo.

Do you ever wonder why you feel worse when you follow a certain kind of diet plan, be it Atkins, or vegetarian or just calorie counting?  Do you get frustrated when after weeks or maybe months of dieting you go back to ‘normal’ eating only to pile the pounds back on.  The simple reason is that you and your metabolism are unique and this just means that one size definitely does not fit all in dietary terms.  Much research has know been done to show how unique our metabolic systems can be and if you have a simple DNA saliva swab test, this will reveal exactly how unique you are. This test is analysing your DNA your gene code and your unique polymorphisms or mutations that will reveal just how your body responds to fat, carbohydrate and protein consumption and will then become a definitive guide to how you should eat…for ever. To find out about this then please send me an email and I will send you the relevant links.

Ok, I hear you say,’ but what if I can’t afford a genetic test?’. Do not despair, there is another way of finding out how unique you are. Simply complete the Metabolic Typing online test which will give you a personalised Metabolic Type and guidance on how to eat for your unique metabolism.  The website is managed from the USA and will ask you for a charge in dollars but it is very revealing and can help you choose the foods that suit you as an individual

If that doesn’t appeal, then there is another way of identifying your individual metabolic type and that’s where I come in.

Over the past three years I have been using a combination of diet plan options with my weight management clients and all have reached their weight or body composition goals and I have always achieved my goal which is to instil a long term healthy diet plan so that they continue to eat to enhance their health and not damage it.  The approach I use is to identify the diet plan that will suit each individual using a detailed Q and A, blood type and body composition analysis.

The combination of diet plan I give are always very prescriptive because they give a clear recipe plan for a given period of time, are chosen to suit the individual requirements of my clients and this ensures adherence to the diet plan and the best possible health and weight management results for them as individuals.

For the record:  my weight management clients lose between 7-10kgs over the 3 session period which is fantastic for them, but what is even more impressive is that they reach their healthy body composition levels. This means they lose many, many inches, but gain the all important muscle mass whilst losing fat mass.  This is really important from a health perspective and an on-going weight management perspective.  High muscle mass always means that you utilise far more calories on a daily basis than you did previously, but this also means that you are losing the highly inflammatory visceral fat that can be a cause of many other nasty conditions.  Visceral fat produces highly inflammatory cytokines that can be the cause of such conditions as Heart Disease, Diabetes and even cancer.

So if you would like to know more about your unique diet plan. Either use the website given or get in touch with me to find out more.

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